About Us

De Witt Marketing, Inc. is a diversified sales company that represents a range of Protein Products. Our range of offerings spans from fresh raw poultry to cooked seafood products.  Visit our additional website at www.proteinresource.com for more information.

Our expertise is in the manufacturing side of the food industry, where our customer base is comprised of primarily major food manufacturers.

Because we deal with manufacturers, the majority of the products we handle are considered ingredients by our customers.

In various instances, depending upon the needs of either our supplier or customer, we act as a wholesaler.

In addition to our year-round business, we also have a business segment which focuses on our HOLIDAY GIFT BUSINESS.  In this segment, we offer companies individually gift-boxed turkeys, turkey roasts, hams, and steak packages for their employees.  Visit our holiday website at www.miholidaygifts.com for more details about our holiday offerings.

If you are a manufacturer and you need assistance in locating protein-based ingredients, or if you are a processor and could use some support selling your protein ingredient into various manufacturers, please feel free to contact us.